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Lovesticks as Karma Sticks!

Love those Breadsticks!

Just wanted to write and say how tasty the breadsticks are! I love them!! I also notice you have added something new: the silly, funny warning label!! I think that’s great!! At first I thought it was a real warning, and then I read it, and I just laughed and laughed! Well, it’s true! Your breadsticks DO cause EXTREME PLEASURE!! Keep up the good work!!!!


Your bread is the greatest!

Let me tell you, I have tried a lot of bread in my life, but your bread is by far the best I have ever had. I’m hooked! I recently tried your Sesame Lovestick and now I am constantly driving back for more. As soon as I finish one I am on to the next. Your Lovesticks have just the right amount of softness/firmness and the right density. And I LOVE the sunflower seeds on top… they are so fat and tasty! Just thought I would share with you what a great bread you make.

Sincerely, Jane

I’m in Love with the Currant Twigs!!

I buy your Currant Twigs at Piedmont Market and I’m up to two bags a week. My favorite treat is dipping them in cottage cheese for a snack or with a salad for dinner. Please don’t ever stop making them! Drowning in crunchy, sugary, whole wheat goodness.


Electronic love letters from bread fans!

The following are examples of some of the assorted love letters sent to the email address printed on each bag of Lovesticks. Who knows? Maybe on your next visit, you’ll find some of your own words gracing our pages. Tell us how you feel… and we just might decide to share your story with the rest of the planet!

And a special thanks to those who have already taken the time to say a few syllables.

Keep those cards and letters coming!

Subject: Thank you!

Dear Lovesticks:
Thank you for creating such fine foods – your bread rocks!!! I have been lucky enough to have been eating your bread for years – it is truly divine. I have never taken the time to thank you for creating such a healthy vegan delight – so here it is – a huge big lovestick of a thank you for the healthiest tastiest bread around.


Subject: Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!

Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the AMAZING bread. I don’t know what I would do without it!
I go to college in Washington, DC now, and every time I come home, I buy ALL of the Lovesticks off the shelves at my local grocery store (I know it’s cruel to the other Lovesticks fans, but I can’t help myself) and bring them back to DC with me, where I cut them into small portions and ration myself until I can come back home again.
So yeah – thanks for making a food that’s healthy, delicious, and environmentally friendly.
Oh – and I wrote a Lovesticks poem! (Wow. I wrote a poem for bread… it really is that good!)

Subject: Shall I compare thee to another bread?

Shall I compare thee to another bread?
Thou art more healthy, and more scrumptious.
Bland texture plagues the normal loaves with dread;

Whose flavor leaves so soon upon consumption.
Sometimes too dry the normal loaves will deign
And often ’tis their doughy middle thin.
And every slice of bread sometimes declines
By chance, or by artificial things within.
But thy eternal flavor shall not sag.
Nor shall I loose sensation of taste thou owest
Nor shall mold plague thou waitest in thy bag
For eternal ties to mouths thou growest
So long as men can eat and noese smell
So long live Lovesticks, for they do nourish well.

Have a lovely day!
-Simone Smith

Subject: just the best cracker I have ever eaten!!

Your country cracker is absolutely the best cracker! and I am old! I also sent your website to a wonderful caterer, also my stepson, so that he might try your crackers, etc in his catering gigs!! I am also checking out where you might sell them my way, San Mateo, as I just happened onto your product when I was in the north bay recently at Andy’s Supermarket.

Subject: Your Lovesticks and my nutrition ed

Hi. I wanted to let you know that I am using your “Lovestick” for my nutrition education classes at Bahia Vista School in San Rafael. I am a nutrition and garden coordinator, hired to promote healthy eating for our students. I recently developed a lesson for 1st and 2nd grade students to introduce them to the concept of whole grains. As part of the taste testing I always use your Lovestick for the whole grain bread tasting and the students all love the Lovestick, especially picking off the sunflower seeds!

Thank you for making a great product, and local, too! If you have any recipes or materials that you think would be helpful in the classroom, I am certainly open to your ideas.

Bahia Vista Nutrition and Garden Coordinator

Subject: Bread! Love

Hello. To whom it concerns: I grew up in a household, from the Caribbean in which bread was rarely served. I remember hearing my father say to my mother in his beautiful Caribbean accent, “Don’t fill up ma belly with bread, give me ma rice.” Up until recently, most people from the Caribbean unlike Europeans, never had bread with their meals. So we didn’t have sandwiches for lunch or eat bread at dinner.

Last week Stephen Hayes-artist, gave a big celebration for his 50th birthday. He served with other things the “Lovesticks.” I fell in love with them. He said he got them from Trader Joe’s in Mill Valley. I love them and could eat this bread all day for breakfast lunch or dinner, if I could find them. Where can I buy them in Walnut Creek?

Thank you!
E. Jones

E, you can find them in Walnut Creek at your local Whole Foods or Andronicos. Or you can order them by mail by clicking here...enjoy!

Subject: Thanks for a fantastic product!

Oh my word! One bite is all it took and I was hooked. I just opened up my package of lovesticks. (I bought 8 bags)I had them shipped to me in Atlanta, GA. The coffee Bean Twigs are incredible. I could have devoured the entire bag in one sitting, but I showed some restraint and put them away. I am hiding the bags so I don’t have to share them with anybody else in the family….shhhhhh.
Just wanted to say “thanks” for making such a unique and tasty product. Love them!

Jan Rutte
The Decorated Chef

Subject: Lovesticks via mail?

Hi there,
I used to live in Marin and absolutely loved your Lovesticks. Any way you could ship some to Utah, where I live now?
I miss them!

Hi Victoria, you are in luck!  You can order by mail!…click here.

Subject: Love the Bread

I just discovered your bread at Trader Joe’s here in Culver City. I have been eating bread for over 70 years all over the world, at least most of the Northern Hemisphere, and those “lovesticks” are the best @#&*#@ bread I have ever tasted.

-Joe Minor, aka dogpal

Subject: Dear Lovesticks Team

…Your bread is my comfort food — it reminds me of home and I appreciate your personal touch. I wanted to wish you the best in health and happiness and thank you for dedicating your lives to creating a health bread that may just awaken people to the power of vegan living.

All best wishes, Ally

Subject: Bread with Soul!

Ok, I think I’m getting obsessed. I’ve moved past one loaf, to two when I make my stop into Whole Foods in San Rafael every few days. I’ve always loved bread and yours is the best I have ever had. This stuff just radiates with personality and realism. It’s very apparent that you guys care about what you’re doing. Thank you for doing what you do!

Ben, San Rafael

Subject: Bread Warning

After describing to my partner how I take any Judy’s breadstick leftover from dinner to work with me the following day and finish it off with fruit as a teatime snack she pointed out to me that that fact combined with the fact that we simply can’t have a dinner now without a Judy’s breadstick proves that the warning is real! I have only to work my breadstick into breakfast now. I’ve lost all objectivity – there’s no other bread for me now!


Subject: More Info

We saw your van while weekending in Tiburon and just checked your website. Is it possible to have a package sent to us here in Ohio? We would love to try them. My husband is a breadstickoholic and I think he would be a healthier one with your Lovesticks.
Best regards,


Janet, your husband’s in luck. You can order by mail!…click here.

Subject: I Need More!!!!

I received a bag of your Currant Dipping Sticks as a gift this past Valentine’s Day and I just ate the last one.
I went to your website but I didn’t see a place to order online. Do you do mail orders? I would love to try others as well. The taste is so unique and I just love them.
By the way…I’m an art director for a TV station here in Ohio and I love the packaging for your products. A great look for a great product.


Sue, you can order by mail! here.

Subject: Hooray for You

So glad I could email you. If there is an Oscar for bread you would get it! We have sent everybody we know to Trader Joe’s in Capitola to get your wonderful bread.
Have a good one.


Subject: Lovepoem

I had your Sunflower Twigs while recently in San Francisco–they were delicious! I don’t suppose you sell them in New Mexico at Whole Foods? Mail order?
Here is a love poem:

Love one another deeply and fully,
For we are meant for that.
Empty your mind of knowing,
Witness our joy and suffering,
Let healing arise.

Thank you,

Subject: I Love Twigs!

I am now an official sunflower twigs ADDICT!
They are marvelous and so tasty when dipped in skordalia (a lima bean, garlic dip!) or hummus.
Keep up the excellent work.


Subject: Love those Breadsticks!

I just found your website and read the history – how fantastic! My late husband was a consultant for food processing equipment and traveled the world enjoying the foods of the various countries. I got to go with him sometimes, too. Being Italian, bread was an important food for us while traveling through Italy, Germany, Switzerland – but no bread can compare to your Lovesticks. How does that old saying go? “We have the Best of the Best, right in our own backyard”, and many of us don’t even know it! I live in Stockton, CA – my only complaint with my Trader Joe’s store is that they are always “Out” of your lovesticks by the time I get to the store after work. Get them to increase their order!


P.S. These lovesticks are great to tuck into your purse/bag and take to the movies – no need to buy that salty, greasy popcorn anymore.

Subject: Yum

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum…….
I have only tried one of your lovesticks and I am hooked!!!!!Thank you for making such a wonderful product!


Subject: Lovesticks

YUM! YUM! YUM! What bliss…happening upon your twigs in our little Browns Valley Market in Napa Valley. You know, I just went in for one thing and out I came with a basketful of twigs (after eating several of the free samples). Thanx for the therapy…I needed it!



Subject: Poem Submission

Hi there,
Your bread has been a longtime favorite of mine and now I just adore the breadsticks! Yummy!

Here’s a little poem I thought might be of use…

driving home down streets moist
with the kiss of Pacific fog
my lips still taste sweet
from the sugared touch of your own
all my senses reliving
a memory of your warm breath
wrapping myself in the blanket of our soft eyes
warm against the February night.


Subject: WOW WOW WOW!!!!

I just returned from San Fran where we were visiting our son. I bought 2 packages of Lovesticks. They are fabulous! Is there any place on the east coast where I can buy them…. And if not, why not?!?!
Can you ship me some…Please!!! I guess I’m just a little bit of a “foodie” and entertain fairly regularly. I would love to treat my guests to these very delicious sticks!


Subject: Hungry in Connecticut

Hi there!
Your bread is my all time favorite bread (the sunflower one in particular)! It was love at first taste. I had been on a cross-country trip in the summer of ’96, when I first laid eyes on your bread in a Berkeley market. From the moment I first tasted it I was hooked. But I could not find it anywhere else. Believe it or not, to this day in my cross-country scrapbook I still have that first lovestick bag as a momento of my “first experience”. Around 1999, I was lucky enough to be out on the west coast again and I was shopping with family in a grocery store when I spotted your lovesticks. I immediately let out an oooooohhhhhh!!! and started to devour a loaf right then and there. As soon as my family took a taste they, too, were hooked. I believe we arrived at the checkout with 3 empty lovestick bags and belly’s full of love.
Well, my 10 month old son is squirming in my arms, anxiously awaiting a promised walk in the stroller.
Peace and health,


Subject: Best Bread in the World

I am a bread enthusiast from Berkeley. Ever since I can remember I have been enamored with bread. When I had your wheat and sunflower seed breadstick I just couldn’t believe my tastebuds. That is by far the best bread I have ever tasted! Keep in mind that I have eaten bread all over the world. I juist wanted to thank you for making such delicious, healthy, and blissfull bread.


Subject: Twigs/Breadsticks

My 8 year old daughter and I discovered the Twigs at Whole Foods and absolutely love them! Our favorite is Coffee Bean.


Subject: To Lovesticks and Company

I LOVE your twigs and just discovered the new Sweet Currant Twigs – they’re phenomenal.

Kim Kelly

Subject: Internationale?

Any plans for going international, so that poor unfortunate ignorant souls living in Singapore get to taste lovesticks? I’m near drooling from just surfing through your website, but I can’t get them anywhere here! : (

Sadly, Arayd

Subject: They’re just too good…

Your seeded breadsticks are truly wonderful. In fact, when I bring them home from my local Trader Joes, I must put them in the truck of the car. Otherwise, I’m lucky to get home with half of one left. They’re just too good. I find myself craving them. They’re truly orgasmic when drizzled with my homemade garlic oil.

Judy’s Breadsticks are truly “to die for”
This is one loaf I really adore
From the top to the heel,
I eat it with zeal,
And then have to go and buy more.
And they’ll freeze well, the wrapper will say
Buy two, but then stash one away
So I wrap one in foil
Or I really will spoil
My apetite and eat both TODAY

Whew! That was fun. Hope you enjoy my limericks as much as I enjoy your breadsticks!
Beverly Morgan

Subject: Unbelievable!

As I cruised past a bread display in Oliver’s Market in Santa Rosa, I idly grabbed a slice of a breadstick. A couple seconds later I wheeled about and went back. Oh, my, oh, my! They are FANTASTIC!!!! Of course I bought my very own stick and raced home with it. I started slicing it, thinking about getting out some butter for it. But I couldn’t stop the ecstasy long enough to get the butter. It doesn’t NEED anything but teeth on it.

Thank you SO much for making these. And thinking to market them. And pursuring that. And coming to Santa Rosa to Oliver’s! I will tell everyone I know.

Sincerly, Cameron Hearn (Considering my name is gender-ambiguous, let me tell you that my children call me Mom.)

Subject: any more sites?

My golden retriever is willing to pose for pictures for your dog “bread-cookies”. We have isolated your bread and yes definitely he will only jump up on the counter for your bread and left over pizza. He shuns everything else (thank goodness). When you get your new breadsticks, (Italian) which I am a 2nd generation, I will have a party at my house. Much like tupperware, etc. Thank you so much for your emails.


Subject: Yumsticks

I do truly enjoy eating your bread. Since moving to the Bay Area, CA, I’ve found all sorts of delicious, hearty breads to satisfy my carb-cravings, but I’ll always pick up a lovestick, when I just want_bread_to eat, now.

Any chance that there will be a naked lovestick? No, I’m not being naughty, it’s just that sometimes I wonder what a lovestick without seeds would be like. In my mind it’s always delicious!

Thanks, Troy

Subject: WOW!

I thought I made the best bread in the world….your bread is sooooooo good I’m going to tell everyone about it so that they know what fabulous bread tastes like….yours is the true wonderbread! Thank you!

Blessed in Bonny Doon

Subject: Dear Lovesticks Team

Thank you for taking a moment to read my email and poems. Back in September 1999, I left New York City to relocate to Berkeley, CA. I wanted to reconnect to my dreams and spend my 30th birthday in sunshine! I became vegan and entered a world of spirituality and health I had always dreamed of. Your lovesticks have become a staple for me and I love to read your packaging. My non-vegan friends love your bread as much as I do.

In May, while waling across the street I was struck by a motorcycle. I walked away from the accident with only bad bruises. It was a miracle. I am healing quickly and know that it was my diet and outlook that protected me through this unexpected obstacle in my life.

Your bread is my comfort food — it reminds me of home and I appreciate your personal touch. I wanted to wish you the best in health and happiness and thank you for dedicating your lives to creating a health bread that may just awaken people to the power of vegan living.

I’ve enclosed two love poems. I hope you enjoy them!

All best wishes, Ally Finkel

Under the Seine
The best day I ever had was with you.
For no words were shared, no opinions made…
We danced in each other’s eyes and laughed at the sky
And the unbearable heat was nothing but a cool breeze to us.
Let Us Linger
I’ll draw a map in tears
Won’t you swim to me, my dear?
Let our kisses linger in the early light.
Come on drift to me, come on drift to me
I’m your calm on this stormy sea.

Subject: Country Crackers

I bought your Country Crackers to go with a goat cheese spread for company and fell in love with them as an everyday replacement for normal crackers. You should sell them in large quantities over your web site and offer larger sizes. I currently buy them at Molly Stone’s in Palo Alto.

Thanks for such a wonderful product! It’s rare to find something that is so tasty and low fat.

Regards, G.

Subject: Judy’s Bread

I have to tell you, you make the best bread I have ever had! I buy it all the time at Trader Joes in Pleasanton and I can say that I am addicted! I love the one with the sunflower seeds all over it. I gave some to my boyfriend last night for the first time and now he’s addicted too (this is coming from a guy who has been working for Colombo Bread for the past 17 years)!

Thanks again for such a wonderful product…I am sold for LIFE!

Ronda Maples

Subject: Hi wonderful makers of Judy’s Lovesticks

I’m writing from Wisconsin to tell you that although there are many “official” reasons for my making another trip to San Francisco, the real, secret, underlying reason for my decision is: tasting my favorite bread in the world. Can I still get them at the Sentry Store in the Marina area? Thank you again for creating this wonderful treat. PS. I’m the one that wrote four years ago that it reminded me of “Like Water for Chocolate”to taste your great bread. May you be happy and well.


Subject: Love it!!!!!!!

I’ve just eaten (nearly an entire sunflower seed) bread stick. It is the best bread I have ever eaten in my whole life. I love it, love it, love it. It doesn’t bloat me and it is so delicious. I could consider giving up being a chocoholic and becoming a Judy’s breadstickaholic!!!!!! Just Fabulous. I have travelled and eaten bread from all over the world and yours is simply the best. I love it. Bye


Subject: Thanks for a great Product!

My husband and I were backpacking this summer in the Sierra Nevada mountains – and we camped for some days at a high glaciated tarn, a beautiful and desolated place with minimal numbers of plant and animal life. We packed our food in and we took along a couple of your loaves of Organic Breadsticks as I realized that a small amount of your bread would provide a great deal of nutrition. I was amazed at how moist your loaf stayed for 4 and 5 days if kept well-wrapped in plastic. We ate it with soup, ham spread, tuna and it was always delicious… Now the dramatic part. On our 5th day we decided to put all our food in the tent, in stuff bags, and to take a hike. We lined the edges of the tent, so to speak, with our bags of food and off we went on our merry way. Upon our return, we noticed little scratch marks outside of our tent and a hole/gash right through the floor of the tent, directly under the bag containing your bread. The stuff bag was pulled open and the only food eaten was your bread. Little tiny mouthfuls of your bread, finishing off a good half loaf. Now the important part is that right along side of your bread were tortillas, pita bread, crackers, flour, etc…but No, the marmot went for the most wholesome of the lot – Judy’s Organic Loaf. I thought you’d like to know that your fans extend to the highest peaks of the grand Sierra Nevada. Thanks for a great product.


Subject: Vegan Bread…

I am currently eating your handmade vegan bread and am overwhelmed of the texture, and great taste. Thanks for that!


Subject: I cannot believe…

This bread of yours! I am now a proud addict. I am hoping that you are doing a great business because you deserve to be rich and famous!

Susan N.

Subject: Lovesticks

I was just eating dinner with the lady of my heart, and I was commenting on how much I love your bread. I said, “I love this lady, Judy, whoever she is, she makes the most wonderful breadsticks.” And my lady of the heart said, ” Well, why don’t you just tell her that? Here is Judy’s address on the package!” Wow, Breadsticks in cyberspace. Cybersticks? It’s really nice to know you guys care enough to put your e-mail address on your great product. I am a computer book publisher in Corte Madera (Waite Group Press). Keep up the great work”.

Mitchell Waite and Diane Renn (P.S. Diane owns the Island Cafe)

Subject: Amazing bread!

Love the breadsticks – they are incredible. I just ate half of one with some upscale salsa – truly orgasmic! Keep up the good baking!

Breadfan, Debbie

Subject: Your bread

I just bought a lovestick last night in Berkeley. I’m in love. Bread is the king of foods and this has got to be the best bread I’ve ever had. Not too heavy, not too light, not too greasy, not too dry. Perfect. Which is why I bought another today.


Subject: Great Bread

Bought a loaf (actually went back and bought a second because I ate most of the first waiting in line to buy it) of your bread at Berkeley Bowl this morning. Wow! It is the best darned bread I have ever eaten. I bought the sunflower seeds bread and the only regret I have is that I have to wait until I can drive back to Berkeley before I can try the other bread that was there. I told the guy behind the counter, who was not really very talkative, that I loved the bread. He said, without much expression, that they just began carrying it. “Don’t stop now!” I told him in my enthusiastic style. Not even a smile as he pushed the organic lettuce over the electronic eye. But he got my drift and I hope he had some influence. I intend to make your bread my daily fare as I eat a whole lot of whole grain breads.


(Here’s what Lynda wrote in reply): Thank you for the “love” letter…we really appreciate your contagious enthusiasm and want you to know that we are overjoyed that you care enough to express it to the clerk. We are thrilled to be in Berkeley with the sticks and thank you for spreading the joy.

Subject: YUM!

So there I was standing in line at Berkeley Bowl waiting to pay for my groceries, and I saw them. Sitting in a large basket were these odd-looking bread things, not quite baguettes, not sandwich loaves, but more like over-grown bagels or something. The I looked at the label, “Vegan?” I say. “Well then I will try them, even if they be alien, they look good.” Only later did I read what vegan means, but they were good!

Congratulations on a delicious, um, giant breadstick thing! They go great with vegetable soup, and are delightfully nutty by themselves with some orange juice. 🙂

Subject: mmm, mmm, good!

I am a recent convert to your product, having been first exposed at a dinner party where I made a spectacle of myself by exposing my gluttonous side. Now, when I shop in my local Cala supermarket and find your bread sold out I cannot bring myself to purchase any of the other, inferior loaves. Please let me know what addictive substance, albeit organic, that you bake into your bread. You can trust me, I won’t tell a soul.

Hooked in San Francisco

California Original Vegan Award Winning Bakery!

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