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About Our Lovesticks, Country Crackers, Twigs and Toasted Garlic Croutons
Taste the Magic & Fall in Love ®

Our Lovesticks are like a moist and chewy baguette, 12 full ounces and around 12 inches long — the perfect size for one or two hungry people…

There are two varieties of Lovesticks: Handmade Vegan with Sunflower Seeds or Handmade Vegan with Sesame Seeds.

Our product line is vegan which means there is no milk from a cow nor honey from a bee. We bake them with organic whole grain and organic wheat flours, olive oil, barley malt, sea salt and yeast, kneaded with lots of love and handrolled in seeds.

Lovesticks are fabulous when toasted… that’s how we make our Country Crackers.

Our pencil-length California country rustic Twigs (aka. “Divine Dipping Sticks“) are handmade with 100% organic whole grain wheat flour and baked to a crispy crunch.

Our Twigs can either be enjoyed alone, like a snack, or DIPPED INTO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING you can DREAM UP…

Our Savory flavors are lovely with soft cheeses, nut butters, guacamole, used as a stir stick for soup, as a crispy salad topper, with jams & jellies, or with just about any tasty combo you can dream up. Be creative!

Our Sweet flavors are like a healthy biscotti… the vegan version. Use them with Lattes, gelato’s, soft cheeses (like goat cheese), creme fraiche, ice cream, olive oil with fruit essences, just to name a few options.

Toasted Garlic Croutons… These Sofie award-winning bites are great as a snack straight from the bag or tossed onto dishes such as soup, salad, pasta… yummy… there are no better croutons than these! Made from our signature Lovesticks, they are hand cubed and tossed into lovely extra virgin olive oil, pink himalayan sea salt crystals and organic garlic… one bite is worth a thousand words. Shake it Baby!

Use your imagination… it’s the key to the good life…. Send us YOUR favorite combo!

Our products make a great party favor or a treat to reward yourself for being a Saint in these interesting times.

Enjoy, Be Well & Blessings to You and Yours.

Peninsula Hotel,  Beverly Hills, CA

Country Crackers are fabulous with soft cheeses such as goat cheese and drizzled with sweetness…

California Original Vegan Award Winning Bakery!

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