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Bred from the Heart
The History of Judy’s Breadsticks

They call it “serendipity”! It was a mystical moment in time when a savvy woman with classic California beauty and God-given brains to boot, left her home in San Francisco for a weekend in bucolic Mendocino back in September of 1993. Intending to return home after her weekend with a newly charged battery, Lynda Najarian instead discovered her exciting and prosperous future on the rise in the form of a totally unique, whole-wheat baguette that sent her taste buds reeling and her entrepreneurial instincts into overdrive. Immediately, she knew that she had to search out and find the source of the mystical breadstick. She was inspired.

Much like King Arthur and his Holy Grail, Lynda’s quest led her to the steps of a baker named Judy, who was tenderly hand-making each foot-long stick of bread. Lynda seized this moment, and in a surge of brilliant clarity, named the yummy item ‘Judy’s Breadsticks of Mendocino’ and began looking for a bakery in Marin County to service the Bay Area.

Never one to loaf, Lynda then went from store to store, starting in San Francisco and Marin, entrancing the owner or manager with with her Excalibur of Dough. They tried it, they liked it, and word of Judy’s Breadsticks spread like wildfire throughout the kingdom. Using the catchy slogan, “This isn’t bread, it’s therapy” (coined by a zealous New York psychotherapist quoted in Focus Magazine),  Lovesticks are now sold in hundreds of gourmet & natural grocery stores in Northern California and beyond.

Setting up shop in Marin County, the budding business bought a brand new van in January of ’94, and colorfully decorated it with the company logo Lynda drew in a script scribbled on top of a local artist’s watercolor of the hilltop church seen as you enter the town of Mendocino.

The crowning moment was when she turned to the golden loaves and said, “I dub thee,  Lovesticks“. Always being two steps ahead, she playfully thought to place an email address on the newly designed brown wax paper bread bag, becoming the first food company in the WORLD to have an email address on a food package.

And boy, did they get mail… new loyal subjects and fans from all over the Bay Area and kingdoms beyond took their time and energy to send cyberspace love letters. They appreciate Judy’s handmade, wonderful, chewy, unique rich flavored 100% natural breadsticks.

As the staff of life, bread has always been the one constant element of a meal. Throughout history families have gathered around the hearth to share a repast, bask in the glow of a warm fire, and share love and gratitude for all they have. Bread is the constant. It’s an integral part of the meal, of the human experience, of sharing, of communion.

Lynda says, ‘Judy’s Breadsticks are a natural reflection of love and warmth… their very texture and feel is sensual. What I like most is to channel positive thoughts and feelings…’ then she grins adding… ‘Don’t tell anybody, but I would have been thrilled with just that. The rest is gravy.’

“These 100% vegan, whole wheat breadsticks are SO good and wonderful for you.
If you are a bread lover, these are not to be missed!”

—Jamie Dougherty, Healthy and Delicious Finds at the Fancy Foods Show
SF Examiner – January 19, 2010

Thank you…
I just connected with my Jr. High School boyfriend, after 43 yrs…
We kind of picked up where we left off…
your Sweet Currant Twigs have added to our wonderful weekends together…
we fed them to each other…

Are you experienced?®
Jimi wants to know…

Order now
and become experienced…

—SF Examiner

“Fabulous, Unbelievably Good!” — Edward Espe Brown, The Tassajara Bread Book

Bread, Coffee, Salt and Sugar!  All my major food groups in one! Genius!
— Rachael Ray, Nov/Dec 2005 Premiere Issue.

“sweet current… just enough currents and just enough sweetness to take the edge off…
How could something be so crunchy and yet so tender at the same time?”

— Narsai David, KCBS, February 14, 2011

“Warning: These breadsticks are addictive. Cupid’s arrow lurks in every sack.”
Marin Independant Journal

Ali Najarian Hirt, our future CEO.
Dreaming up our next flavor…

Ali Najarian Hirt, taste testing with her sister, Nikki.


all grown up now and still doing our tasting…

Jon, Lynda & Pete Najarian. Out on the town!!

Niki rides and jumps high 2016

Love those Breadsticks!

Just wanted to write and say how tasty the breadsticks are! I love them!! I also notice you have added something new: the silly, funny warning label!! I think that’s great!! At first I thought it was a real warning, and then I read it, and I just laughed and laughed! Well, it’s true! Your breadsticks DO cause EXTREME PLEASURE!! Keep up the good work!!!!


Your bread is the greatest!

Let me tell you, I have tried a lot of bread in my life, but your bread is by far the best I have ever had. I’m hooked! I recently tried your Sesame Lovestick and now I am constantly driving back for more. As soon as I finish one I am on to the next. Your Lovesticks have just the right amount of softness/firmness and the right density. And I LOVE the sunflower seeds on top… they are so fat and tasty! Just thought I would share with you what a great bread you make.

Sincerely, Jane

I’m in Love with the Currant Twigs!!

I buy your Currant Twigs at Piedmont Market and I’m up to two bags a week. My favorite treat is dipping them in cottage cheese for a snack or with a salad for dinner. Please don’t ever stop making them! Drowning in crunchy, sugary, whole wheat goodness.


California Original Vegan Award Winning Bakery!

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